Wormwood Scrubs Absconder Recaptured

Police track down convicted gunman Joe Farnan

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Following an intensive surveillance operation by detectives from the Specialist Crime Directorate, Joe Farnan was arrested at an address in Docklands, at around 5.00pm on Friday 12th January.

A woman in her twenties was arrested with him in connection with the inquiry.

The convicted armed robber managed to escape from Wormwood Scrubs on Monday 8th January with the assitance of two accomplices. He apparently feigned illness in order to be transferred to Hammersmith Hospital in what looks like a pre-planned break.

Joe Farnan pictured right, a convicted gunman aged 27, was taken to Hammersmith Hospital by ambulance after apparently collapsing in prison.

As the ambulance arrived at Hammersmith Hospital and its rear door was opened - there were two men wearing balaclavas (one in possession of a handgun) outside.

The men then forced the Prison Officers to un-cuff Farnan who then got into a silver Volvo. No persons were injured during the incident and no shots were fired.

Reportedly this is the third time he has escaped from custody.

He was at HMP Wormwood Scrubs serving an indeterminate sentence having been convicted in July of last year for conspiracy to rob, aggravated vehicle taking and escaping from lawful custody.

January 13, 2007