Two local men found guilty of murder

Incriminating evidence found in girlfriend's Chiswick house

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Two local men in their early twenties have been found guilty of murder and attempted murder. 20 year old Lee Lindsay from Shepherd's Bush, was found guilty of murder of one man and the attempted murder of two others.

His accomplice, Judah Birmingham, aged 22 of the Westway W12 was also found guilty of murder and the attempted murder of one other man.

On the evening of the murder at about nine o'clock, Lee Lindsay, Judah Birmingham and a 17 year old friend drove to an address in Harrow in a pink Rover convertible intending to rob the residents for drugs and money. The 17 year old was dropped off to meet the victim, Clinton Dominique, whom he knew. Detectives believe that the plan was for the youth to allow Lindsay and Birmingham access to the house later by opening the back door. Lindsay and Birmingham would then carry out the robbery.

Just before midnight Lindsay and Birmingham entered the terraced house through the back door. They went into Mr Dominique's room on the ground floor where Lindsay, who was carrying a large kitchen type knife and handgun, stabbed him twice in the back and stomach. Lindsay and Birmingham demanded money and drugs and searched the property. Then Lindsay pistol-whipped Mr Dominique whilst he was lying on the floor dying.

Lindsay also stabbed Jamie Charters, 30 years, who lived on the first floor on the landing of the first floor. Detectives think he had come out of his room after hearing the commotion. He was stabbed 12 times.

A witness in a third bedroom on the ground floor reported hearing Jamie Charters say he only had £20. He also heard Mr Dominique say he did not have any money and to try upstairs. Lindsay forced his way into Aminish Patel's room, also on the first floor, brandishing the knife and handgun. Mr Patel 31ys, tried to shut the door but Lindsay forced it open and immediately stabbed him twice in the face and stomach. He demanded money from him and made him lie on the floor while his room was searched. The pair stole mobile phones and a computer game console.

Lindsay and Birmingham then ran out of the property back to the car and the 17 year old ran to join them. All three made off in the Rover convertible.

Police were called at just after midnight on 15th August 2005 to the where they discovered three men with stab wounds.´┐ŻAll were taken to a north London hospital. One of the men, 25 year old Clinton Dominique, was pronounced dead at the hospital and the two others sustained severe injuries but eventually recovered.

A witness managed to record the registration number of the car which was later traced to the registered keeper's address. Detectives mounted an armed operation and the four people inside the address were arrested on 18th August 2005.

Two of them, Birmingham and the 17 yr old, were charged and the others were later released with no further action however the interview with Judah Birmingham led to Lee Lindsay's arrest.  Police found bloodstains in the pink Rover outside the address and blood stained clothing inside the address.  The blood was found to match Clinton Dominique's.

When officers searched Lindsay's girlfriend's house in Chiswick they found among other items concealed in a swing bin, a pair of shoes in Lindsay's size, a green 'ski tube' head over (similar to a mask) which Lindsay is believed to have worn as he came out of the address in Church Lane, and a pair of surgical gloves.

Detective Inspector Guy Ashley, of the Specialist Crime Directorate, said: "This was a deliberate and callous attack fuelled by the need for drugs money. The level of violence involved in the murder of a young man and the attempted murder of two others was extreme. It is tragic that a young man lost his life for no reason and my sympathy is with his family."

Sentencing will take place on 16th June 2006.

May 25, 2006