Police go bowling to reduce crime

Officers at Acton Meg Bowl to promote Immobilise

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Ealing Borough Police will be on hand again this weekend to encourage members of the public to register their mobile phone, or other electronic equipment on a FREE, highly confidential and secure database called the WWW.IMOBILISE.COM at the Acton Mega Bowl.

They will have a stand there from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 3 rd March with laptops enabling shoppers to register online directly.

The Register has been developed to assist Police to combat mobile phone crime. By registering their mobile phone free of charge, the public can help us. This means they can return more lost and stolen phones to their rightful owners and thereby charge more people with offences relating to mobile phones and put more offenders before the courts.

When a mobile phone is recovered by the police the IMEI number is always checked against the register. Any 'hits' retrieved on the system will result in the Police making contact with the phones original owner.

Immobilise.com was launched on the 12th January 2005 and is supported by the mobile phone industry, the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, the Metropolitan Police Service and other UK police forces, the Home Office and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Immobilise holds the details of many millions of phones (14 million as at June 2005) and other property but to be totally effective we want every mobile phone and all other property registered.

Registering is free, quick and easy - see more details below.

March 2, 2006


Do your bit to Immobilise crime NOW.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

What is an IMEI number?

This is a 15-digit number issued to each handset at the point of manufacture.

Why is the IMEI number important?

It is intended to enable the unique identification of a handset, in a similar way to the Vehicle Identification Number on the chassis of a motor vehicle.

How can the IMEI number be found?

In 2 different places:

1) Press * # 0 6 # on the keypad and the IMEI number will appear on the display

2) Look at the sticker under the battery

Additional Crime Reduction Advice

Remember to:

  • Register the details of you and your phone on IMMOBILISE;
  • Keep the phone out of sight when not in use;
  • Use the phone's security lock code;
  • Record details of the IMEI number;
  • Report a lost or stolen phone to the police immediately;
  • Inform the network provider immediately if your phone is stolen or lost.