Tiffany's jewel raid car cornered in Acton

Man arrested after ill-fated burglary attempt

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Police have arrested a man driving a 4x4 vehicle which was believed to be involved in a ram raid on Tiffany's in Sloane Square.

The raid on the jewellers went tragically wrong when one of the suspects was killed whilst being chased by the police. It is believed he was attempting to make his getaway on a moped when he was thrown to the ground and then crushed by one of the unmarked police vehicles in pursuit. Another man on the moped was seriously injured and two other men on a motorcycle were caught and arrested on suspicion of burglary offences.

A Scotland Yard spokesman have confirmed officers taking part in an operation were in place prior to the incident which took place in the early hours of Thursday morning. They witnessed five suspects using the vehicle which was later recovered in Acton to drive through a plate glass window.

October 7, 2005