Acton �Honour Killing� leads to Life Sentence

Father cuts daughter's throat for "defying tradition" then attempts to blame Al Qaeda

The father of 16 year old, A Level student Heshu Yones, pleaded guilty to her murder and sentenced to life imprisonment for his crime. Abdullah Mohammed Yones, who claimed his daughter �defied tradition� became the first person to plead guilty to an honour killing.

Heshu Yones (pictured left) was murdered on the 12th October last year at her home in Charles Hocking House, Bollo Bridge Road, Acton W3. Police found the 16 year old in the bathroom suffering multiple stab wounds and a slit throat. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Heshu was in a relationship with Nizam El-Khouri, 20, and police do understand that this had a part in causing the father to act the way he did.

The pair met at William Morris College in Hammersmith but never came to Acton to visit Heshu's family meeting instead in local parks and outside the shop in Hammersmith where Heshu worked.

At an emotional press conference following the conviction, DI Brent Hyatt read out two poignant paragraphs from a letter that Heshu wrote in the lead up to her murder as she prepared to runaway from home.

She wrote "Bye dad, sorry I was so much trouble. Me and you will probably never understand each other, but I'm sorry I wasn't what you wanted, but there's some things you can't change.

Hay for an older man you have a good strong punch and kick. I hope you enjoyed testing your strengths on me, it was fun being on the receiving end. WELL DONE.

...One day when I have a proper job every penny I owe you will be repaid in full. I'm sure in saying, I will be safe. I will find away to independently look after myself. I will go to social security to get myself a flat or hostel. I will be o.k. don't look for me because I don't know where I'm going yet, I just want to be alone."

Mr Abdullah Yones (pcitured right) was taken to hospital suffering multiple injuries and remained there for 6 months. He was interviewed at length upon his release and has always denied his culpability in this crime up until last Monday, alleging that Al Qaeda suspects had broken into his flat, murdered Heshu, attacked him and threw him from the balcony.

Investigating officers claim �There was absolutely no truth in that account. This was a brutal murder, and whatever excuse or excuses Mr Yones put forward for his actions, there was no excuse or even rational reason for his actions. It is one of the most tragic cases we�ve ever dealt with."

Commander Andy Baker Head of the Serious Crime Directorate said "Many communities are helping us advising us and assisting around the cultural issues. However there are still elements of communities who it has become apparent feel honour killing is appropriate. It is known to happen in the Far East, in Asia, in Eastern Europe, in the middle east, and now with the shrinking world it goes on in the UK an across Europe. We've got to stop it, we can prevent these murders. There is no doubt from Heshu in her letter that she had been the victim of domestic violence, that had never been reported to police, or anyone else in public authority. So it brings forth the issue of this being wrapped up in domestic violence as well. In this case the violence was between father and daughter.

We are satisfied that some members of the community and his friends attempted to assist Mr Yones in covering up his crime, and DI Brent Hyatt will continue the investigation to expose those people. Anyone who commits this type of murder or any other murder, will be brought before the courts. It will not be tolerated.�

September 30, 2003