Malcolm and Delilah

Local Councillor lops off ponytail for charity


Gary bids farewell to his ponytail


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After 18 years of close attachment to his ponytail, Councillor Lib Dem Councillor Gary Malcolm had his hair chopped off. He took the plunge on 10th June to raise money for two charities – a soup shelter in West Ealing and a cricketing charity in Thailand. 

Gary looks set to raise over £1000. Each charity will benefit from 50% of the proceeds.

Cllr Gary Malcolm said: “A friend of mine suggested a while back I should cut my hair off for charity but I wasn’t brave enough. Then the same friend prompted me again and I decided to do it. I wanted to help a local volunteer organisation as well a sporting charity as I plays lots of cricket in the summer.“ 

Gary Malcolm added: “There are many people who put in a lot of their spare time helping other people. Sometimes a small amount of money can really make a difference. I hope the money raised can help other people have a better life.”

We are proud to unveil exclusive before-and-after pictures.

June 12, 2006