Wanted: residents to take trip down musical memory lane

Local music buffs offered opportunity to contribute to history book


Norman 'Budgie' Campbell

Norman 'Budgie' Campbell

Anyone wishing to contribute to the book should contact Mr Campbell on 07930 887 097

People in West London are being encouraged to share their memories of the area’s musical past in order to create a legacy for future generations.

Anyone who has been involved in reggae, ska or any other music of black origin, from the fifties to the present day, is being asked to recall their experiences for a new history book, Budgie’s Story, which will be distributed to schools and colleges in the area.

The book is the brainchild of Norman ‘Budgie’ Campbell, founder of Community Entertainment Enterprise, a non-profit organisation that aims to bring communities together through music and sport.

Mr Campbell, from Hammersmith, has been organising music showcases for young people in West London for over 20 years. He recently won funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to compile the book, and has already begun conducting interviews with past performers and music-lovers. He is now looking to employ researchers and a part-time administrator.

Says Mr Campbell “The book will chart the history and development of black music in West London in the post-1948 Windrush era, and the impact that it had on the UK, where it became the template for so much of popular music. We want to hear from anyone who was involved in the music scene, so that we can find out everything from how they found the venues and publicised the shows, to what kind of amplifiers and sound systems they used. Hopefully we can raise awareness of how much our music today depends on the efforts and struggles of people in the fifties, sixties and seventies.”



Oct 25 2005