Chiswick Ad Man On 'Exposed' BNP List

Five W4 residents named as members of right wing political party

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Five Chiswick residents have been named as members of the British National Party after a confidential list was leaked and posted on the internet.

One of the five is noted to own an advertising and marketing company by the party which is said to value members with media skills that could be used to help with 'propaganda'.

The list includes more than 10,000 names, addresses and telephone numbers of soldiers including a member of the Intelligence Corps, teachers, policemen and a songwriter.

However, questions have already been raised about the accuracy of the list with many named on it denying having any association with the BNP. It is believed that some names may have been placed there maliciously.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has called the leak "a disgraceful act of treachery" blaming disaffected ex-party officials and demanding a police investigation.

The BNP has previously claimed winning an injunction that prevented the publication of the list. "If we are able to prove it is one of them," said Griffin of the former party members, "They will go to prison, it's as simple as that."

November 19, 2008