The Latymer Preparatory School

Entry to this school provides a hot ticket into Latymer Upper School so it is very popular. The location of the prep school is terrific with some classes taking place with a river view.  It is split from the Upper school by the A4 but there is an underpass.

They currently have a roll of 140 boys up to age 11 but from September 2003 they have been admitting girls in years 7+ and 8+ and the school is now substantiall co-ed.

How do you get in?

The prep school separated from the main school in 1995 and takes boys and girls at 7+ or 8+.  Some places do become available after that but it sounds like it's potluck.  There is an exam to take that happens in January.  You have to register for it by the beginning of the previous December.  They take in one form's worth at 7+ and 8+

The school gets over 100 applications for both 7+ and 8+ with only 20 places available each time. The odds of getting in are better than this might imply because most applicants are taking exams for other West London schools. Anecdotally it is suggested that it is easier for girls to get a place than boys as some parents remain reluctant to send daughters to the school when it has only just become mixed.

The commitment to take your child through to the Upper School seems fairly unambiguous and, given that school's good academic record, they stand a very good chance of academic success.

Contact Details


Latymer Preparatory School
36 Upper Mall,
W6 9TA






0208 748 0303 (School Secretary)
0208 563 7707 (Registrar for enquiries re. Open days and prospectus)


Mr. Stuart Dorrian