Ibstock Place (Senior)

The school follows the principles of 19th century German educationalist, Friedrich Froebel.  His beliefs were radical in his time but these days much of it sounds like common sense.  The difference in teaching methods between this and other similar schools is not huge.  Froebel believed in constructive play and the mother's central role in the education of the child.

As one of the few co-ed private schools in the area it is very popular. It is on the edge of Richmond Park and set in six acres and has its own gym and swimming pool.  There are 450 pupils including the senior school.

The school does well at the GCSE with nearly every pupil getting 5 A*-C grades year after year. The school set up a sixth form for the first time in its 100 year history in September 2005.

How do you get in?  

The Senior school intake expands to four tutor group entry in Year Seven with most children from the junior school going straight though. Examinations and interviews are held early in the New Year and papers are set in English and Mathematics. Detailed information about the January examinations is sent to the parents of all registered candidates. The offer of a place is made on the basis of performance in the examinations, the interview and the confidential report from the Head teacher of the candidate's current school.

All particulars may be obtained from the Registrar.
Direct line 020 8392 5803.

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