Diary of an Event Manager April 2018

The run up to Brentford Festival starts early

Brentford Festival
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IT IS OFFICIAL The Brentford Festival 2018 planning has launched this week.  We are a few weeks later than normal starting as the festival team bring me (and the other old schoolers) into the modern world.  The team have subtly tried to get me to change the way we do things surrounding the festival over the past couple of years but I have quietly declined.  My main reason for resistance was that what was being suggested looked like another task for me and with my many other projects I could not see how I would physically be able to find the time.

So the team have got around that one and have introduced an absolutely excellent volunteer in Brentford resident Mark (mwmarketing.co.uk) who volunteers his time to one charity per year.  Mark, with the help of others including Sara (of Hen Corner fame) and Jacqueline McBeth (of madeintw8) to name a few have managed to revamp the festival website (please take a look  –  www.brentfordfestival.org.uk  and to also get us taking payments electronically and sort out our social media.

The enjoyable part of the process was looking back at photographs taken from as early as the first Brentford Festival in 2005 and this has prompted us to launch an archives page.  I was amazed to see that the two guys whom I have noticed dancing in front of the music stage at the last three events have actually been supporting us from as early as 2009.  So if you have any photographs of past Brentford Festival Events that you would like to share, please upload them via the website.

Our late start has meant that we already have caterers, musicians and stallholders queuing up so it is very satisfying that, even with the memory of the lousy weather of last year, that people still support us and want to take part.

We are pleased that both EalingToday.com and BrentfordTW8 are our media partners.  Through them we will file copy once per month and will be able to keep you updated on what is happening and also throw the spotlight on some of the excellent volunteers who help make all this happen.  Don’t forget, if you want to get involved in any way you only need ask.  Our next planning meeting is on Wednesday 11th April in the Pavilion in Boston Manor Park, opposite the children’s play area at 19.00 hrs.

Linda Massey



April 6, 2018

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