Neighbour Net Service Directories

Neighbour Net has launched a network of service directories that aims to become the most comprehensive source of information on local businesses.

As well as having over one thousand listings in each area the directories will incorporate feedback from local residents and links to further information as well as location maps.



Areas covered include:
Shepherd's Bush

Call Penny on 07956 425 938 or 020 8994 7888 or

Enhanced listings

If you want your business to get priority listing and give your customers a good idea of what you have to offer, an enhanced listing is the best way forward.

Enhanced listings can contain an image or logo and up to 75 words of text along with your contact details.

To add an enhanced listing just go to the section you want to be included in and click insert. You can pay for the listing on-line and it will appear immediately. Prices for the various sites appear below.

Directory Listings

All businesses in the area covered by an individual site are entitled to be listed in their local directory. A listing consists of contact details and up to 20 words of text describing your business. This should be strictly descriptive rather than sales orientated. If you do feel the need to tell people how wonderful you are, please take out an enhanced listing.

All listings have feedback associated with them. So you can get your happy customers to enter feedback for your business. Once again, this is a free service and needn't cost you a penny.

Out of Area Directory Listings

If your business cannot afford to pay for a full enhanced listing but is not based in an area covered by a particular site, you can take a reduced rate directory listing for a minimal fee. The listing is exactly the same as a directory listing allowing up to 20 non-advertorial words. When you add your listing you will be given the option to purchase a basic directory listing.

Listing by Recommendation

If you are not based in a particular area but people from that area are giving positive feedback on your business then you will appear in that area's directory without having to pay. The number of recommendations necessary to appear is variable depending on the popularity of the category.


A grid of our services directory prices is given below. Please note all prices are subject to VAT.

Directory 6 month enhanced listing 12 month enhanced listing 6 month out of area directory listing 12 month out of area directory listing £40 £75 £20 £35 £40 £75 £20 £35 £95 £185 £40 £75 £40 £75 £20 £35 £35 £60 £15 £20 £35 £65 £15 £20 £40 £75 £20 £35 £35 £60 £15 £20 £10 £20 £5 £10 £10 £20 £5 £10